Designing a company website requires critical thinking and creativity apart from the basic skills. It has to fulfill the customer’s expectation. Surely you will face the challenges that will hinder you from following new ideas. You should try these tips to make your website look more eccentric.

Basic designing in GREY, use COLOR afterward:

If you have been creating wireframes proceeding to visual design, then you must be aware of the quality one gets by initiating the work with gray. Change your wireframe to a gray shade visual design, insert your pictures, after this cautiously fill color to the elements.

This way, you will avoid creating an overly designed web page and focus will eventually be on the elements which need it.

Put down the Social Media Buttons:

If you are putting your social media buttons in front of your web page, you are simply prompting the people to leave the website. So, avoid keeping the social media links on top of your site. They are not that important. Keep them in the footer of the site.

Simplify Navigation:

Simplifying the options that the visitors get on your site will help them notice the main content. Don’t overburden your site by linking every page to the main page, it will distract the visitors. Although it may seem counterproductive, it helps in developing a more positive attitude about the website.

Remove Sidebars:

Sidebar used to be very popular in past many years. It has been a part of many blogging sites. But now it’s been observed that when you remove the sidebar, it actually helps in maintaining the focus of reader on the main article. This way they take the action of an article more seriously.

A survey has shown that removal of the sidebar on the company blog increases the clicks on action graphics by over 35%.

Get Color Inspiration from Nature:

Are you wondering what color combination to use on your web page? Well, you can take the colors from nature. Simply take the camera and click the natural beauty near you or pick astonishing nature photos from the internet. Then you can use those colors in your site by using color picker. Surely, it will be worth it, as nature never disappoints.

Using Pinterest for creating mood boards:

While designing your website or redesigning a part of it, you need to organize the creative ideas and store them for reusing in future.

Using Pinterest you can form your own mood board containing your favorite layouts, images, sample websites, colors and other content! Also, designers from all over the globe keep sharing their mood boards with others on Pinterest. You can also choose from that also to make your website more astonishing!

Increase the Font Size:

Font design and size plays a crucial role in the success of a blog site. Reading from the computer screen is not that easy. So, it is necessary to make it more pleasant for your readers!

You can do this by using a large font size, especially for headers and other important details. Also, try to increase the general font to make the site clearer.

Utilizing white space:

Not every whitespace on your website needs to be filled. It is difficult to swallow that whitespace utilization is a hack, but I every day check websites which can use more of it.

Yes, it’s true that simplicity and whitespace are trendy nowadays; many designers are trying to cram the things into very little space. Leave free spaces so that the visitors will easily look for the content they want to see.